Tired & frustrated with sticky grease on your Kitchen after every cooking?

Tired & frustrated with sticky grease on your Kitchen cabinets & floor after every cooking?

Nice Clean SinkI am always amazed by this because I do not cook much food that is fried, most of my cooking is steamed or boiled or micro odd occasion I use the flat iron to grill meats etc.

Yet I always seam to find grease around the top of the refrigerator when I clean it once a month. and my kitchen cupboards.

While we cook in the Kitchen, smoke, steam and grease particles rise from our cooking surface. Post cooking unpleasant odours will inevitably rise as well. Often,the quality of air in the kitchen contains much air pollutants which could put our health at long term risk. This is especially true as we breathe in all sorts of culprits such as lingering food smells, smoke fumes, trash can odours and excess moisture coming from our dishwasher.

In addition, we will find ourselves spending hours cleaning up the grease which have found their way onto the Kitchen Cabinets, handles, wall & even the flooring.

For my stainless steel items I use baby oil, this not only cleans it but gives it a lovely luster,(trick I learn’t in the Navy, before Captains Inspections.)But Now I use Method Steel Cleaner, it cuts through grease and leaves great shine and smell.

It’s also great to your environment being Non-Toxic.

You can get some here or just information on this amazing product and only RM13.80 at the moment on offer.

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