Todays Special Dish is A Good Old Irish Stew. My Mothers Recipe.

Irish Stew,
stew and bread

A staple food in our family and for years my dear mother made it taste so good with just basic ingredients.

Today I will share with you how I make it. – But it’s a Secret so please do not tell anyone else OK.


Chuck beef- cut into chunks

Potatoes quartered

sausage 3 small

carrots 2 rough cut

celery chopped

Peppers red,green,yellow 1/2 of each rough chopped

mushrooms quartered

one small tin oxtail soup

one big spoon of boveril, some mixed dry herbs, four Bay leaves

8 splashes of worcester sauce

1 small jar of garlic pasta sauce.


Seal the meat in large pan. add everything else, heat it through then transfer to the rice cooker for 3 hours on the soup setting. and the result will be a very flavorsome chunky Stew.



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