Toys R Us Opens in Bukit Indah Johor Bahru

While in Bukit Indah Shopping Center Jusco I noticed that the Toys R Us store will open soon.
Toys R Us comes to Bukit Indah Shopping Mall


    1. Alicia,

      thanks for your comment but for your answer, you need to contact them direct, I was only letting people know the store was opening as part of my Johor Bahru blog, but I have nothing to do with them – sorry hope you find what you want.

      Regards John

  1. Hi,

    Do you know if they have officially open the store now and have you visit it? How big and complete is it compared to other toys r us store in Johor ?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Desi,
      The store is open and is spread over two floors so bigger than the one at jusco tebrau, I have not been inside only looked in from outside as i was passing but it looks good store, its open tues – thurs 10am -10pm and fri – sat 10am -1030pm not open Mon and Sunday’s

      Regards John

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