Upgrading to the New iPhone – Use iTunes to do the Transfer from the Old Phone.

One of the things that was of concern to me was how to get all of the old stuff onto my new phone, and after a quick search online I found the recommended route was to use iTunes to Backup and Restore onto the new phone.

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Not only is this easy but restored my faith in iTunes when used with the iPhone.

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It does not take long to do the restoring but your new phone will have all your apps, your main and calendars will be as you left them with all that valuable information you took time to store in the first place.

I also like that Apple sent me emails advising me that my phone had been restored and my passwords used to alter this and that if I had not made such a request to let them know asap.

So now I can enjoy the new phone and concentrate on getting to find out all it’s contents.

I will do a review later once I have used it more.

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