Walk in the Park – Johor Green Lungs – Breath in the Fresh Air.

Park life in JB – Walk ,Jog Or just sit and enjoy the birds.

Everyday I take a fast walk about 5km around the bukit indah round about and its so nice to be at one with nature and breath in the fresh air.

bukit indah gardens
centre of the park in bukit indah jb

They look after the gardens really good and it always looks nice and clean.

Of course apart from all the bird shit that is as their is a lot of black birds and they sure like to leave there mark if you know what i mean.

I go at different times and about 7am is the most popular time and from then it gets busy with tai chi, dance and yoga it all goes on here, but i found the people to be nice and friendly.

Weekends and night also gets busy with Pokeman hunters lol, even I play this here.

So if you are in the area drive into the car park (free) and enjoy a little walk and get some of that FREE Fresh Air.

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