Who Still, Uses Their Toasted Sandwich Maker?

Well I do for one, with my hand held up high and proud. I’ve had mine now for about three years and its still as good as the day I got it. (I clean it straight away while its still hot).

My toastie machine.

Nothing is faster or easier than a toastie, and you can fill it with whatever you want.

For me, the secret to a good toastie is prep work, cut everything up small and grate the cheese, then I have to have Branston pickle and my toasties, the biggest mistake is to put to much into the sandwich then when it’s cooking all the ingredients spill out over the cooker.

It’s then really messing to clean up and of course more important is the ingredients lost in the sandwich.

So here it is, my secret to the best toasted sandwich, Olive Oil and Branston Pickle.
Yes truly, the oil is a magic ingredient that help give you a really crisp sandwich, you see you put it on the outside of the bread this does two things it Fry’s the outside of the bread and help make it non stick.

I use to use butter but make the bread soggy, oil makes it crispy and a nice little crunch with each bite. The branston give the sandwich it’s flavour with a little cheese and onion, sometime rub the bread with a fresh garlic cloves, this mixed with the oil is heaven.

You do not need to buy the fancy ones costing hundreds, mine cost me RM36 from Giant, three years ago and is still going strong.

go on have ago. at making the best Toasted Sandwich.

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