Window Grilles Security – Without The Feeling Of Living Behind Bars

This is a hot topic in Malaysia, how to live in your home without it looking like a prison from the inside.
fancy grilles

Of course taking care of our loved one’s is the number one Priority and making sure all glazed area’s are protected is very ¬†important, We got broke into once when we lived in the UK and the only houses you see with grills on are usually drug dens (to give them time to get rid of the evidence)and I can tell you it’s not the same ever again.

The fact someone has been into your home and gone trough your things is quite unnerved by to say the least.
grilles with doors

When I moved over to Johor, Malaysia in 2005 I notice lots of houses with bars and it sort of made me uneasy that they were needed by so many, then on speaking to a few families I was pleased to find out I had not moved to a country of drug dens but that it was the way of life here to have grilles and the windows and doors.

So when I decided to have them fitted also I went on the look for a design that I could live with on the view from the inside and outside and found to my surprise that their was indeed lots to choose from.
nice grill looking from outside

Now when I look out of window I see palm leafs etc and its nice. at the same time the design is done so no gaps that a human could fit though and thus maintains my security.
iron grill with flowers on.


So their you have it, some ideas you can do to reduce the feeling of being caged in your own home…..

Lots of places to go to have your grilles made and all come at different prices so shop around for the best deals.

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