World Cup Fever 2014 in Malaysia
Brazil 2014

Yes It’s here and one thing for sure with it being World Cup Brazil, you will see lots of colours and lots of party’s.

The People in Brazil I remember from my visits they were always welcoming to foreigners and I always got a good reception.

Although the country  is not well off I am sure they will give the World one of the best World Cups Ever.
world cup fever


World cup fever is among us and one can not help but get drawn in to it’s Magic.

Their are so much going on when the World Cup Is on and one of the main things is Shopping – Yes people go mad for things related to football, and it’s one of the busiest time for stores and shops but if you can not get out or do not want to move from in front of the tv.

Then let your finger do the walking and do your football Shopping here. Just look whats on offer.

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World Cup 2014







I will be shouting for England to Win. Who? will you be shouting for.

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